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Black Hat SEO (Not recommended)

The opposite of White Hat SEO, is the Black Hat SEO. (In the world of hackers, White Hat is one who help an admin, while the Black Hat is the opposite, just trying to make it down). We do not recommend to use any Black Hat strategy, the only result you'll get is to see your website blacklisted and banned from search engines. If you want to do your website's SEO, stay away from peoples promissing you good ranking for your site with black hat stuff. You've more to loose than to win with that.

It is not recommended. You can hear lot's of stories from webmasters who used it, some have seen their site on the top of search engines for few weeks, before to get their website banned from major SE. A good recommendation: do not use Black Hat SEO, unless you want your site to be blacklisted or banned from Search Engines.

Some used to spam the keywords in their web pages long time ago. This is called Keyword Stuffing. Filling the web pages with no or little text content, but with a lot of keyword spamming repetition. In addition, the Meta Tags can be also stuffed by the same way.

Recently they're using some blasting softwares, like some auto-submitter (auto-spammer is a better signification) who blast your link and post to lot's of sites comments,  forums...some doorway pages and cloaked links... and what ever they can spam... Black Hat SEO has a name who match its own reputation: the Spamdexing.

Below are some Black Hat SEO stuff (not recommended):

Cloaking a website URL

Cloaking a website URL, It means showing to Search Engines a normal websites with a quality content, good backlinks from other sites, and everything clear, expect that when a visitor see the site, it shows something else such as annoying advertising or malicious programs. There are other alternatives to cloaking, and it's always a challenge for the Black Hat Guys to find some new ways to trick and cheat the search engines, and even if it works only for a short time, they'll always try to take an advantage from this lapse of time.

Page hijacking

 Page hijacking is a kind of search engine index spamming used by spammers and scammers. It makes a copy of a website with its content, and shows the same or similar source code contents to a search engine spider, but when a visitor goes on this website, it redirects to a different site, not related, or even a malicious website full of malware from scammers. It's a king of cloaking, search engines may confuse when spidering two websites with a similar content. Usually, they'll index only one site, and the spammer will try to get the other site out of the SERP, replaced by his pages hijacked site.

Some spammers used to apply this strategy of page hijacking to try to get a specific keywork with a high SERP ranking.

Referral Spam

Referral Spam, know as Referrer Bombing or Log Spam, is a kind of spamming doing multiple request to a website's server using fake URLs or IP adresses as referal. The object is to add links in the site analyzer logs (usually Webalizer and Awstats). The program can show one or several links on the logs, acting like the targeted websites has received visitors from the spammer's site. As when you visit a website, a record is added in the site stats log, it will show from where the visitor cames from: organic or referral.

By blasting links in thousands sites logs, it will drive some webmasters to your site, as when they'll check their stats, some will click on the URL link, this to verify who is it, and if his link is in the referral site. But in fact, the logs have written some visits, but it was just some hits done by the Referal Spamming program, not a real visitor.

Such kind of similar programs are blacklisted, and can give trouble to the user with his internet service provider. Also, trying to increase a website ranking for a site by using such methods always drive to a wrong way and affect the website SEO.

Parasite hosting

Parasite hosting is when a hacker is hosting one of his own website into someone else server without his knowledge. This is for trying to insert some links to some high page rank websites, adding some web pages or files to a site, setting some redirect from popular web pages...

Websites who allow users to post content are subject to potential attack of parasite hosting, as the purpose is to give specified targeted content, such as an advertisement, traffic, or malicious stuff to a visitors. Peoples using parasite hosting in sites like forums or bookmarks are not respecting the terms of service, policy and potentially the CPU usage of the hosting service provider.

 Only a way for the Black Hat hackers. Understand that it's very important to have a secure website's server and hosting provider. A trustable hosting compagny with a good reputation is generally hackers safe. If on your hosting panel you have to set some extra options to enable hackers protection, just do it to avoid bad surprises.

The Alexa hits booster softwares.

This is a software sending hits to URLs from a list of proxies. As known as proxy clicker, these programs pretend to drop your Alexa rank, but the only result you can get when using such programs, is to see your website banned from search engines as they'll detect this kind of proxy clicker. Even if the program sale's page pretend to send hits from proxies seen as normal Ip addresses, with a list of User-Agents update or any marketing terms telling you that this program is safe to use, just avoid it...

The IP Ad Sender, IP blaster:
The program is designed to deliver an advert directly to a computer screen or desktop. The user can choose the delivery of the ads messages by either IP addresses or domain names.
This software works on computers using windows, but generaly the few years passed versions. It works with IP address, but also with your domain names.
The program comes usually with a huge list of IP addresses.This kind of Black Hat is old, but there are always some guys who'll try to update these kind of software. Not recommended to use.

Hidden Text Spamming

Whats that? Hidden text are present in the web page but can not be seen by the website visitor. It can be due to a text with the same color than the page background, making it impossible to see, or with invisible frames or layers, html boxes or any kind of script who can hide the text from the web page viewer content.

Fake Page Rank

Fake Page Rank is when a website use a 301 URL redirection to another site with a higher PR. It means the site domain name is redirected to another website with a high page rank value. If you check a website Page Rank, you need to know if it is real or fake. This Fake PR system is like a spider trick.

As exemple: You've just checked a website Page Rank with Google toolbar, and it shows a PR 6 value, but the real value can be PR 0 is the page rank is fake. (read more: see our Fake Page Rank page)

Doorway pages

Doorway pages are web pages created for SE spamdexing, usualy presented as a web page stuffed with prases to attract search engines, but not related to the results. The goal is to redirect the visitor to another website not related to the searched one. A doorway page is at first designed for the search engines, and then it target the real visitors usually for a redirection without his knowledge. Another kind of doorway pages is the Cloaking. The page shown to a visitor is different than the page the crawler suppose to show.


Sping is the short term for SpamPing. It uses pings from blogs using trackbacks. Pings are some message sent from a publishing tool to a ping server (a centralized network service), the messages have purpose to notify if there is some new content published. Sping is a way of black hat SEO to try to drive traffic to a site, but it's not a search engine friendly way of doing your SEO.

All these kind of stuff listed here are informations about the Black Hat SEO. It is not recommended to use any of these systems. The only result you'll get is to see your website blacklisted and banned from search engines. Avoid any of these...

Carry on a White Hat way of SEO to see some positive results.


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