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Fake Page Rank Informations

What is Fake Page Rank? It is when a website use a 301 URL redirection to another site with a higher PR. It means the site domain name is redirected to another website with a high page rank value. If you check a website Page Rank, you need to know if it is real or fake. This Fake PR system is like a spider trick.

As exemple: You've just checked a website Page Rank with Google toolbar, and it shows a PR 6 value, but the real value can be PR 0 is the page rank is fake.

How to detect if a site has a fake page rank?

You can use an online Pagerank Fraud checker tool to verify if a website has a valid or fake Page Rank. (See our SEO Tools for Search Engine page for a fake page Rank checker)

Search Google for the domain name or for, and if the results shown are with different URLs, then the site has probably a fake page rank. If the resuls are showing the same URL, the site should have a real PR.

When a site use Fake Page Rank redirection, the search engine spider read the 301 redirect information, it shows that the site has moved to another website permanently. Sites using a 301 redirect are redirecting the Search Engines Spiders to a page with a high Page Rank.

Google bot gives a high Page Rank to a site URL with a redirection, as it read an information like both the two sites are the same. When a visitor goes to a Fake PR website, the site server does not redirect the user. The visitor see the webpages of the fake PR site, but the Google tool bar show the PR of the 301 redirection site.

A high Page Rank statut is viewed as a great site value for some webmasters, but the site performance is something different, as a website with a low PR can have a better SERP (Search Engine Result Page) than another site with a high PR.

If a search engine detect a website doing this, then the site has a good chance to be blacklisted.

There are some websites for sale  in some online marketplaces, some are using 301 or 302 redirects to get fake page ranks, crooks are trying to sell their fake PR sites with much higher prices than the real website value. If someone is unaware about that, he can be fooled.

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