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Forums Posting

Forums can helps you to drive quality traffic to your site, and will be also a benefit for your search engines ranking and global SEO. So, how to post good stuff in forums and getting traffic back? You have only few simple rules to respect:

-Choose a forum related to your website. As exemple, if your website is about games, find a forum with topics and posts where you can add some replies related to the topic or post it self.

-Choose a high traffic forum, as they're visited by lots of peoples daily, if someone visit a topic where you've posted a well edited content relating your website services, the visitor will be interrested to look at it, then there'll be a good chance to bring him to your website. Peoples in forums are usually searching for informations and discutions posted by internet users, if they look at a specified topic, it's just because they're interrested to get some informations about the concerned subject, and if you've added a well edited and attractive post with a related webpage link to your site, the forum user will then be interrested to visit your webpage.

-Do not reply to topics if they're two or three years old, the forum admin and moderator don't like it, as you can be seen as a comments-spammer. Check the date of the post and last comment.

-Be honest when posting comments or topics, offer a good service or explication, whatever the forum's topic subject is, it must be related and revelant to your site content. Do not write posts or comments as an advertiser, but write for the readers some useful content for them. Write naturally something to get peoples interrested to read it. That's all.

Don't forget: always a forum related to your website, and write and post only in related subjects. Do not act as a spammer, as you'll be banned by the forum admin, if not detected by search engine spiders as a spammer.

Exploring some forums related to your website, adding a posts, topics or reply related to your site or to one of your website service is a great way to get extra quality visitors, and also a good benefit for your search engine ranking, as the spiders will detect your website and the forums with related subject, and will consider them in the same category, this will helps to rank better some of your site's keywords or keyphrases with search engines.

Posting in a good forum can be good for your website SEO, as you get a backlink, you'll get also traffic back to your site from the forum's post. But there is a way to do it, because there are two different kind of forum posts, The good and related content, and the spammy posting... Some spammers are using forums to write-blast with spammins posts and links, but they're usually quickly banned by the forum admin.

If you want to use some forums for posting some of your website content and services, you need first to choose some popular forums, and you should not act as a spammer. As exemple, if you add a reply in a forum's topic with your site content and link, it must be related to the post content itself. (as exemple: if your website is about travel and holidays, do not post in a topic where they're talking about mobile batteries).

Always write and post to related content, a way to get some interrested readers, and then visitors to your site. Be aware to respect this rule, and you'll see how forums are good ways to get traffic to your site, backlinks, and always a good boost for your SEO.

Exemple of a 'correct' and a 'not correct' reply in a forum:

Lets say you're in a forum's topic about games:

As exemple, the question is: 'How can i play online with other players in this game? I can not find the mode to goes on multiplayers online? Thanks for your repy.

A not correct reply: (seen as spam): Download games on my website ... Play the best games at ...

A correct reply: You need to go on the options setting and set the multiplayers online mode via the parameters . You can go to there is a quick help tutorial about this game, and it explain how works the options setting, with images and explications, this can helps you. Regards. Important note: Of course, in this case of post, your website link posted must redirect the forum user to related and useful content, currently your website showing a tutorial about the concerned game options setting.

In this exemple, in your comment, it's good to add some words and phrases having a high impact on your site main content, this can helps you to get a better SERP for your website. If you manage to get a good amount of posts and comments in some popular forums, you'll probably see some positive results in few monthes for your site ranking on search engines results.

Getting others to helps you posting about your website services.

If you have an interresting website related to a specific subject, forum readers and posters will share your site content and services. If useful and appreciated by visitors from forums, your site can see its amount of traffic increasing quickly. Just think if some peoples start to share one of your forum's post as they find it useful, and then, want their friends to know about it, or giving a quick help to someone in a similar topic where your website service is not exposed.

Don't quick post in so many forums, select some related ones, write an attractive text, but write it naturally, don't go like a big head advertiser, write for peoples, I mean for forum users, give them a good revelant post related to the topic subject.

If you manage to get your forum's posts shared by others in other topics or in other forums, it's a good way to duplicate your website links and services, and as they'll be posted by some interrested forum users, they'll always be clearly explained and added to related topics.

Now it depends of the content of your website, if it's interresting or not, and for which audience it's designed. But anyway, you'll always find some forums related to your website and web pages subject, just select the ones having a good reputation and a correct amount of traffic. 

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