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Getting Traffic from Search Engines wih images

Getting traffic from Search engines with your website images is another way you need to consider for driving more visitors to your site, especially if you've only worked on your site text SEO improvement. When a search engine read a webpage and analyse its content, the words are analysed, but also the images.

The Search Engine bot need some informations to determinate what is the image about. As exemple: if you have an image of a horse in a website page, it is better to give it a name like: horse.jpg than abcde.jpg. You need also to add the "alt tag", it's the image description for a search engine spider or bot. Then, in this exemple, if someone is searching for images of horses in a Search Engine, you have some good chances to see yours shown on the result.

If in your web page you have, as exemple 5 images, and each one is a photo of a horse, for the images name, instead of: "horse.jpeg ; horse2.jpeg ; horse3.jpeg ; horse4.jpeg ; horse5.jpeg", it is better to try to find some synonyms of the word "horse" or adding aother word in the image name and alt tag, as exemple: "horse-racing.jpeg ; horse-riding.jpeg ; horse-stadium.jpeg ; horse-jump.jpeg ; horse-fast-ride.jpeg". Of course, the name and alt tag description must be related to the image content itself, always! Peoples should find images related to their search.

Watermark images is also a good way to increase your website traffic and visitors. As some peoples will probably save your image for their blogs, galleries or social networks, when someone else will see the image somewhere else, your website URL address will be exposed to potential new visitors. And most visitors, if they like the pic, they'll check the watermarked site (currently yours), as they'll feel to.

Just think: have an image (no watermark) taken from your site and added to a blog or a photo gallery online: you'll never get any visitor to your website from this image as there is no watermark or signature.

Just watermark it and you'll expose your site to new potential visitors who'll think: wow, that's a beautiful image, oh, there is a signature watermarked, let's visit the site.

If possible, add an option to your site for sharing images via social networks, and a savable HTML link for webmasters and bloggers who want to add the image to their website. (exemple of an image html link: <img src="imagename.jpg" alt="image description" width="100" height="150"> )

This is a white hat way for image SEO. 

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