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How Search Engine Works

You'll need to know how works a search engine spider, bot or crawler, and how does it see your website when crawling it before indexing. This is important.

A Search Engine is indexing a website according to its subject and content. When someone search for a special keyword or keyphrase, the Search Engine will display as results some websites related to the search. Depends of the search term, results can show millions, or even billions of webpages that match the search. results can show some entire websites related to the search term, but also some forums with the same subject, some blogs post, some documents in PDF... Possibilities are endless as long the Search Engine can detect the content.

To visit and index a website, a Search Engine use a program called a Spider, a Crawler or a Bot. It read the entire website source code, the content, text, images, internal and external links and then analyze how to index each webpage on a search result. The websites position on search pages is called SERP: Search Engine Result Page, better to have a website on top position on results, than one behind thousand other sites.

Different factors apply for the Search Engines Spiders and the way of indexing the webpages, they are not humans, but the way they analyse different parameters for each website before giving a defined SERP can make you think that the ranking has be done by someone clever, I mean showing the most revelant webpages sorted from the first one to millions, as if someone has done it by hand.

Just think: How a human will arrange a book library? By themes, subjects, authors and alphabetical order, he'll place the most revelant books in front of smaller ones. He'll arrange everything for peoples to search and find quickly a book. Search Engines are using the same principle.

The different search engines available on the web are not giving the same results, it means you can find a site in the first page and top position on a search engine, but on the 10's or 100's page on another one. Each SE has it's own algorythm to organize it's search and results database. A Search Engine Spider will do some complicated algorythms to determinate a website position on search results, and is always trying to show the most revelant results related to the search term.

Note that the website source code and script must be easily readable by the SE Spider, avoid a complicated website script with a load of extra coding. Would you like, you human, to read a book full of annoying or useless stuff? I don't think so. It's the same for a Search Engine, just show an easily readable and friendly webpage source code content. 

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