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Backlinks to your Website

Having backlinks is important, but it's better to have 50 good links from related or revelant websites, than thousands in small websites with low Page Rank and a small amount of traffic. You'll need to choose some trusted websites with good reputation and traffic, add your link to webpages with few links on it.

As you place some links in different websites, your site ranking on search engine will get better.

 There are two different kind of backlinks you can get: the "dofollow" and the "nofollow". A "dofollow" link will helps you to increase your website pagerank, they're usually added to some websites when a link is viewed as more important than the "nofollow" links, who are just an outbound link considered as external and not to important.

Also the link buiding work can be done via different ways:
-A one way backlink (another website links to your site without backlink)
-The reciprocal links (you exchange links with another webmaster)
-The three way linking ( three sites links to one by one without link exchange)
To understand how links and Page rank are working, see the Page Rank section.

How can I my site have some quality backlinks? There are different ways for backlinking: a directory, a bookmark site, a forum, a press release site, a blog post or comment, doing link exchange with other webmasters, a good way is to get other webmasters and bloggers who'll link to you if your site is interresting...

Don't spam your link anywhere, better to use some revelant sites for your backlinks building work. If you add a link in a directory, choose the most revelant category, for the bookmarks, write an attractive text, if you post a text and your link on a forum, do it in a topic related to your post and link. See the Forum post page.

Write some good content yourself, and an advice is not to add the same text, but different ones you've written, as exemple: if you add your website to ten bookmarking sites, try to make ten different text and description of your website, one for each bookmark site. It looks more search engine friendly than a quick copy and paste.

Submitting manually your website to directories, bookmarks, forums, article sites, press release and others sites.

It's better to submit your website URL manually to one popular and visited directory, than to hundreds small ones as you never know their lifetime, and if they'll remain a directory for good, or if they 're going to change with another site content.

Do the same with bookmarking sites, better to add few bookmarks to some popular ones, than lots to unpopular.

It is recommended not to write the same text (no copy and paste) than your website's own text on the bookmark* (*or directory, press release sites, blogs, forums...) site, this will prevent search engines to index it in a better SERP than your site. Some webmasters have experienced that.

If you are using an auto-submitter or link building automated program, you'll need to know few things about the software you are using.
Before using it: At first, you must check in some forums what peoples are saying about the software itself. (Be aware to some forum posts, they are are sometimes done by the software owners, they can post some positive comments...). Just Google it to find related forums, with the software name and words added such as: bad, not good, scam , useless... Is it virus, spyware, adware and malware safe? Is it registered in some scam review sites? Since how many years this program is available? It's important to know more about the auto-submit program you want to use for your SEO. Analyse the sites where your link will be submitted, they must have a reputation you can trust, and a solid statut.

Backlink anchor text: The anchor text is the text someone clicks on to open the hyperlink. If you have a backlink from a site with a title like "click here", it is better to change it with words related to your site or page. Note that search engines looks usually better your link when it is from a text, not from an image.

It's important to get some quality links from good sites, this is the way of the White Hat, or search engines friendly SEO.

Avoid link building programs who'll add your site to some useless link farms, spamming blogs comments, refferal URL spam or Black Hat SEO stuff, as it is not recommended. (see the Black Hat SEO page, and avoid any of these stuff)

At first, try to create an interresting website, and others will link to you naturally.

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