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SEO Content is King

As everyone says: Content is king. Write a good and well explained content related to your site subject.

Know how to analyse the important keywords of your webpages, using synonym words is a must do, using bold caracters for some important words of your webpage and headline tags can be appreciated by search engines, as they'll dectect it as important words of your site.
Adding keywords in the webpages name and URL's can be a good thing to do (example: if your one of your website page is about 'horse racing', it is better to have the webpage url like: than: ). Choose a domain name related to your website if possible, it can be good. It's better to have a short domain name than a long one. Make it easy to remember, so your visitors can easily visit again your site just by searching it's name, or writing it in the website address bar, choose an easy to remember website's domain name.

Here are some simple things to consider:
-Your website must have it's own content written by yourself.
-Do not copy and paste some text or content from one website on the internet to your own site. Better to write all site content yourself, it'll be unique.
-If you want a website SEO and SERP friendly, it's better to write yourself the webpages content.
-Explain clearly what your site is about, with related and well constructed phrases.
-Avoid words repetiton (maximum 3 same word in one text paragraph).
-Try to construct your text with words synonym , as exemple, if your website is about planes, use the words: plane, planes, aircraft, airplane, aeroplane, flight, flying, travel, by air... and any synonym to the word "plane". Or for a website related to automobile, use the words: auto, automobile, car, cars, vehicule, vehicules... (note that a singular word (ex: car) and a plural word (ex: cars) are two different words for a Search Engine Spider, add both singular and plurial words to your site if possible, don't forget that you website's texts and content must match your site subject, always!)

As people can use one of these different words when searching the web, your website has more chance to be exposed by search engines on the results. If someone search the web and type "cheap flight", and if you don't have the word "flight" in your website, but just the words "plane" and "airplane", your website will probably not be shown on  search results, that's why it's important to write clean, well explained phrases and paragraphs with some words synonyms of the most important subject of your site.

If you want to keep your visitors on your website, make a clear design, will an easily readable text and site navigation menu. When you look at your site, act as if you are a visitor and think about: Do I like this site? Is it's content related to my search? Is the site navigation and exploration easy and clear?... If you think so, then your site is ok (why not?), if not, then review it and modify the things you don't like.

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