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SEO - Common mistakes, the right and wrong things you are doing.

Are you doing your website Seo (Search Engine Optimisation) by yourself? If so, you probably know that you've done some good useful stuff, but also lots of waste of time, and even worse: penalizing your site... Did you realize that?

What do I mean when I say: 'waste of time' and 'penalizing your site'?

I'm talking about the things you did, but you shouldn't:

-Using auto submitter softwares, as this program will probably submit your site to some good directories, article sites, forums or bookmark sites, but also to lot's of unpopular and short life sites.

-Do not use any Black Hat SEO system, software or tool. Be aware not to use any of this, the result is a way to get your site blacklisted and banned from search engines. It is important to use only White Hat SEO strategies, as it is the best way to keep your website search engine friendly.

-Doing some blasty spammy links to forums, blog comments or similar sites, to try to increase your website traffic. Search engines will detect your links from non revelant and not related websites, and then penalizing your site ranking.

-Having too many HTML or website script errors, having webpages loading very slowly.

-If you copy some content from a website you don't own, and add it to yours, then the search engines spiders will detect it as duplicate content. It is better to write all your web pages text by yourself than copying. Writing yourself is the best way for white hat SEO, as everyone is saying: Content is King. Your webpage must explain clearly what your site or page is about. Write naturally with some good text and well constructed phrases, not like a marketing guy. (see the content is king page)

-If you are exchanging links with other webmasters. Try to do it with related websites, or if not related, do it with some useful sites peoples should like.

-Be aware of complicated JavaScript menu, some search engines may not see your site navigation properly. if you have a JS Menu and no other choice, add a Site Map to your site to show to search engines how your site works.

-Flash websites looks great with attractive colors and effects. But search engines are not seeing a flash page by the same way than you, so you must provide an html text alternative to be inserted in your flash site, this is good for search engines, as it shows a text description of your site content to the SE spider. It's important to let a search engine know what is your website about for indexing and ranking.

Do you think it can be efficient for your SEO if you have, as exemple a dozen of good links posted, but also hundreds who were added to some 'not popular' and 'short lifetime' sites. Just think about it, if you have lot's of backlinks to your site from different directories with a short lifetime, at first the search engines will detect all your backlinks and then index your website with an etablished SERP (search engine result page), then, if after few month, the directories are down, all your backlinks URL's from these dead directories will be no more reachable, and worth, the URL can show a blank webpage with an error 404 showed (404 means: file or directory not found), a parked domain names or what ever is shown, your links have disappeared...

Now, what will be the impact for your site SEO and SERP? As these changes will be detected by search engines bots, your site rank can be affected too.

Just take care if you are using programs for your site SEO such as an automatic website submition for directories, bookmarks, forums, article sites, press release and others. If you plan to use an URL auto submitter software, you need to look further about this program and compare the different sites where your website will be submitted, it can takes time to verify such informations, but it can be useful for your site SEO. Just ask you: are these sites strong and reliable ones, or are they just useless? From how long time they're online? Is the site popular and visited? How did this site looks like two or three years ago?... You have some trusted online tools available to verify these informations: Online analysis, Alexa, webarchive, whois, sitevalue, site scanner and others (check our SEO tools pages).

Do a white hat SEO for your website, and keep tracking the results and evolution with your site stats analytics. Be patient when doing search engine optimisation for your site, and you'll probably see some positive results within few monthes.

In this website, we're trying to do our best to explain how to do SEO with a search engine friendly way. For anyone who want to do SEO for his site or blog, and want to stay with White Hat strategies.

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