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Site and Domain Analysis:

Check a server statut

This tool will check a server response and will show the Server Status Codes:
200 OK is good. This means that your server was able to return content for the URL you requested.
301 Moved Permanently means that the requested URL has moved permanently, and all further inquiries should be directed to the new location.
302 Found means the server has found a temporary redirection. This URL should be used again for the next time, since it is only temporary.
307 Temporary Redirect is similar to a 302, because it is a temporary redirect and the same URL should be used again for the next time.
400 Bad Request simply means that the server did not understand what you were looking for.
401 Unauthorized means that your server will not grant access to the content without authorization
403 Forbidden means that the server will not show you the content, regardless of authentication.
404 Not Found is a common frustration, and might even be what you’re checking for with this Server Status tool. This error code lets you know that the file you were looking for is not found. Search engines need a 404 to know which URLs are valid and which aren’t.
410 Gone is similar to 404. It lets you know that the URL you were looking for did exist, but is gone.
500 Internal Server Error is another frustration that must be directed to your web host or system administrator. It means something is wrong with the server. Check the status of a website's server easily with this tool. Results include informations about server http, ftp, MySQL, mail (pop3 and SPTP). Check if a website's server is down just for you or for the entire worldwide web.
This tool can be used to identify any potential issues with a website by checking the server status. Up to 100 websites can be checked. Check the SEO status of your domain with the Domain Analysis tool. Gather all the important information that concern your Domain Name and your Website.

Domain Age Checker

Find how old a site is. A Domain Age Checker show the age of a domain name and its creation date. A website registered since many years can be viewed as more stable, confident and trustable, than a one year registered domain name. Domain Age tool displays approximate age of a website and allows you to examine, how the website looked, when it first started. Domain age online checking tool.

Domain & Page Authority Checker

This tool generate reports showing how strong is the presence of a website. Multiple domains can be checked at once. This website authority checker enables you to check the Domain Authority, and the Page Authority. Check a domain authority quickly, with no captcha. Data provided by Seomoz. Check the authority of up to 10 domains at a time. A powerful resource that improves analytic reports in a matter of seconds.

Online Metric Site Analysis Alexa provides analytical insights to benchmark, compare and optimize businesses on the web Compete helps you to monitor your online competition, benchmark your performance against your industry, and discover new business opportunities. Quantcast provides free measurement of audience demographics and delivers real-time advertising. Search for web and mobile traffic and stats.

Website Statut and Global Report from different monitoring sites One click fast navigation. Different parameters for domains and subdomains are analyzed, and Push2check saves their history. A cool way for watching the progress of your sites, or others from your competitors. A cool quick SEO stats tool.

Website Safety Scanner

Scan a website for safe browsing, and avoid malicious sites. AVG free online webpage scanner. View a site safety report. Check out the safety for the sites you want to visit.

Website value calculator Worthoftheweb is estimating the value of a website by using basic traffic and site data it can scan online.

WHOIS and DNS Perform forensic analysis of name and email servers, path analysis, authenticate and locate domains. Keep an eye on blacklists and monitor web, email and name server compliance and connectivity. Dramatically increase the efficiency, accuracy and quality of your searches, lookups and analysis. Perform forensic analysis on a variety of domain and email concerns. All in one comprehensive report.  Whois (Who is) Lookup and Domain Names Search, Registration and Availability This tool allows you to check multiple web pages at a time. Enter the exact web pages URLs (not the main domain name) that you wish to analyze.  ‎

MozRank Checker MozRank tracks search engine rankings for pages and keywords. Track each keyword over time and improve your rankings. The MozRank Checker on Small SEO Tools analyzes up to 10 websites at a time so you can generate client analytic reports quickly and easily, with half the effort it would take to visit multiple dashboards for the same information.

Alexa Rank Comparison Tool

Compare different website's Alexa ranking.‎ View and compare Alexa Ranking graphs. You can select a data type from Reach, Rank and Page Views. Comparison of Alexa statistics including Daily Reach or Rank. Results are shown by Graph. Analyse a website performance, and check errors.

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